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the real story of amber

What is that? Is that amber? I love amber!

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Mariaska Street in Gdansk, Poland

"What is that? Is that amber? I love amber!" These words light up faces whenever, wherever amber appears. It's been that way since ancient times. But what is this curious honey-like substance? Where does amber come from? Why are we so fascinated with this glowing gem, worn though the ages for luck, protection and healing?

Welcome to Amberology... Where myth and history mingle with medicine, science and style as we help tell the story of this fossilized pine resin that is millions of years in the making. Fairytale castles, towering forests, glaciers, emperors, dinosaurs, gladiators, even the pyramids of Egypt all have amber tales to tell. The Greeks called it elektron "energy formed by the sun." But you will recognize it as our very modern word: "electricity"

Baltic amber

Once worshiped as a piece of the sun fallen to Earth by ancient Neolithic tribes, amber is still simply known as "sunshine" in some places. Amber attracts joy to the wearer. "The burning stone" comes in 256 colors, although you may only be familiar with a few. One of the world's most valuable art treasures, the lost Amber Room was made entirely out of amber.

Neptune Fountain, Gdansk

Amber excites the world's scientific imagination, with new discoveries making regular headlines around the world. In America, amber was made popular in the movie Jurassic Park. Amber is a window to the past. The fossil inclusions, plant, animal & insect material it has encapsulated contain samples and evidence of life, including strands of DNA-- life's basic code, from the distant past.

It is true that a mere handful of amber would have made you quite wealthy at one time. But you certainly wouldn't have wanted to be caught with a piece of it during the reign of the Teutonic Knights, when amber pirates were regularly shown the gallows!

Lump of raw amber

You may be a fellow voyager, a fortunate soul who has just stumbled upon amber, treasure of a lost world, window to the past, looking for answers. Perhaps you are researching your Eastern European roots, or searching for a truly special gift. Maybe you are "amber-hearted" (meaning warm of heart!), or a stylish admirer affordable luxury. Whatever the case, you've already taken your first step on the well traveled and very real ancient amber road-- a trade route connecting Italy with the Baltic regions, built in a time of Emperors and gladiators, driven by ceaseless desire for amber, gold of the North.

Amber Cameo

Since our company's founding in 1995 by Andzia Chmil Stout, amber has been the sun in our galaxy. Our Amberology area, together with our blog, is a treat for the amber purist, a valuable outpost for the scientist, a shared dream for the amber collector. Filled with newsy bits, lore, legend and breaking news about all things amber.

Fossil amber insect inclusion

Here you'll meet designers and master craftsmen, see real amber fishers, learn what amber "bark" is and more. You'll learn how amber isn't really a stone at all. Nor is it pine sap. We'll also take a hard look at some of the medical claims, including the amber teething necklace phenomenon for babies. Debunking myths, sharing a wealth of material, exploring the truly unique properties of this marvelous gem of the ages, nature's living gemstone, Baltic amber. Much and more has been said, written and debated about this fabulous Gem of the Ages-- And more will be revealed!

So grab your passport and enter the exotic world of Amberology. It's right here, through the archway to the famous Mariaska Street in Gdansk, Poland- world capitol of amber where the shops beckon with magnificent displays of amber, carved and sculpted into dazzling forms for us to wear, enjoy and share.

As they say in Poland, where this story first began oozing out of giant, now extinct pine trees tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of years ago, "Zaproszamy!" We invite you!

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