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The Poetry of Amber
Tears of the Sun
Gold of the North
Captured Sunshine
Tiger's Soul
Perfumed Crystal
Nordic Gold
Straw Thief
Freja's Tears
Hardened Honey
Window to the Past
Tiger's Tears
Dragon's Blood
Soul of the Tiger
Burning Stone
Sea Gold
Petrified Light
Sea Stone
Blue Mud
Sun Stone
Sun Bead
Good Stone

Names for Amber (Succinite)
Amber is known by many names in many different cultures. It is poetic in the same way we are told Eskimos have hundreds of words for snow.


Bursztyn :: Poland
Jantar :: Poland
Ambra :: Italy
Ambar:: Spain
A-Shih-Mo-Chieh-P'o:: China
Ambrosia:: Modern Greece
Elektron:: Ancient Greece
Barnsten:: Sweden
Ambre:: France
Bernstein:: Germany
Dzintars:: Latvia
Fehg:: China
Kohaku:: Japan
Gintaras:: Lithuania
Merevaik:: Estonia
Yantar:: Russia, Bielorus
Barnsten :: Yiddish
Berenikis :: Greece
Ching Peh:: Thai
Borostyan:: Hungary, Ukraine
Chihlinbar:: Romanian
Rav:: India
Nka Pa:: Africa (Ashanti)
Kahroba:: Arabia
Poh She:: Tibet, Korea
Wo Kuoh:: China, Korea
Tun Mou:: China, Viet Nam
Sot :: Armenian
Shih Chien:: China