Amber Bead Bracelet: "Sienna"

Amber Bead Bracelet: "Sienna"

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"Sienna" Amber Bead Wristlet A handful of sunny lemon & cognac natural amber pebbles lightly tumbled & polished to perfection swim amidst a bed of seafoam green, dark brown, and golden seed beads. Pearlized white beads wave slightly about much like anemones in the sea, strung tightly on a web of hundreds and hundreds of tiny golden amber colored seed beads.

This design has a slight bit of stretch, with nice drape. Intended to be worn a bit loose. 7.5" length by about 1" wide, plus an extra inch for bead toggle clasp. Will accommodate a medium to large wrist best.

Contains zero metal, perfect for the amber purist. One of a kind. You will receive exactly the same bracelet as shown.

Crafted by hand in Kaliningrad, Russia

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