Amber Bead Necklace: Rustic Mermaid's Net

Amber Bead Necklace: Rustic Mermaid's Net

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Rustic Mermaid's Tale Raw Amber Bead necklace The original amber necklace, just as it was once long ago, plucked by ancients from the sea then lovingly cast by nimble fingers into a beguiling handmade net. One can easily imagine seeing a mermaid in the mist of the sea and, reaching out to touch her, finding only this necklace floating on top of the water. A fleeting sadness upon losing sight of the enchanting sea nymph, then a heart thumping realization that the treasure she wore around her neck is now yours!

Our version has soft macramé fittings that lay nicely on the neck, about 200 raw amber beads in mixed colors -- many of them with the wonderful amber "bark" or skin still intact. Each hand-knotted in place by hands that know and understand the amber. Each amber bead necklace will vary a bit due to the nature of the process.

This wonderful Baltic amber necklace is about 23 inches in length.

Limited quantity.

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