Amber: Collectible Charm "Calico"

Amber: Collectible Charm "Calico"

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Baltyka: Calico Mosaic Amber Bead Like a fingerprint or snowflake, each of our exclusive Calico amber beads is completely unique & handmade. Created out of mixed shades of amber gathered together- may include honey, cherry, lemon, golden shades & more- and pressed into a composite round bead. Excellent anchor for a story bracelet.

Can go solo, or join the party as an honored guest when worn with bracelets from popular companies such as Lovelinks, Pandora, Troll Beads, ZoBeads, Chamilia-- well, you get the idea.

One amber bead becomes your stand alone signature, an anchor for an amber jewelry collection, an everyday accessory piece, a simple treasure to turn to again and again. The perfect gift for any occasion.

Sterling silver bracelet & stopper beads as shown sold separately. Available as item 892012.


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