Baltic Amber Charm:  "Popinki"

Baltic Amber Charm: "Popinki"

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Baltyka Amber Collectible Charm: "Popinky" in Honey-- A glowing reminder of the many yesterdays that reside in our hearts. Beautiful honey colored amber bead tucked inside a satin sterling silver cut out "mushroom cap."

The mushroom that so many people use for their Christmas Eve dishes is the podpnovka obyčajná, podpinka, popinky-- stump mushrooms or honey mushrooms. Many of us have fond memories of popinky for holidays. Not many folk pick these mushrooms today in the States, but in Poland in the fall it is a comforting sight (and a delicious one too) to see the vendors with their baskets full of fresh popinkys on street corners and in train stations offering these woodland delicacies. While our popinki didn't grow in the woods, they are designed & made in Poland.

Each charm has its own tiny lobster claw clasp so you easily add or remove charms from your bracelet or necklace any time you wish.

Baltyka is a bite sized way to share your love of Baltic amber with friends & family who already love & wear personality jewelry.


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