Amber Earrings: Paisley

Amber Earrings: Paisley

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You can have it all! Lovely Paisley is proof! Big gemstone presence shines like a star. As the lightest gemstone, amber is ideal for an earring. Organic lines & an organic gemstone- pretty honey color & lots of dangle. Perfectly sized for everyday wear & transitions to a night on the town without skipping a beat.

Once worshiped by our ancestors as shards of the sun fallen to earth, Baltic amber is a fossil resin that is at least 45 million years old. Amber is famous for capturing snippets of DNA & is a time machine to our past. Amber was sought after by ancient Egyptians & Greeks, immortalized in mythology, is one of the Seven Sacred Stones of Buddhism has long been revered in China. Baltic amber is a very special stone in Poland & the Baltic states.

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