Amber Honeycomb Pendant

Amber Honeycomb Pendant

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Amber Honeycomb pendant: Five tiny diamond shaped cognac amber segments are in perfect symmetry just like a honeycomb. A bit old fashioned looking-- not so much "vintage" as Edwardian, that brief stylized period squeezed between Victorian & Art Deco.


In it, artisans & jewelers alike focused on the art of gem cutting & faceting, & on small details such as the millgraining you see on the top segment of this darling pendant. The shape is somewhere between a stylized flower & a star, this compact design is a bit mysterious.

Very noticeable for its small size. Perfect for a young lady's first genuine piece of jewelry as well as a lover of small beautiful things. Closed construction, meaning this amber pendant is backed in pure sterling silver. Complete with an 18" sterling silver chain.

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