Amber Paisley Pendant

Amber Paisley Pendant

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Paisley offers a pure amber glow, the teardrop gemstone set in airy sterling silver. Big warm gemstone presence shines like a star. Open construction, lightly faceted cabochons seem to catch extra light. Amber is skin-pleasing because it rests at room temperature, warmly nestled against the skin.

Arrives complete with an 18" sterling silver chain.

Once worshiped by our ancestors as shards of the sun fallen to earth, Baltic amber is a itself a gift, believed to attract good luck. At least 45 million years old, Baltic amber is famous for capturing snippets of DNA. Sought after by ancient Egyptians & Greeks, immortalized in mythology, amber is one of the Seven Sacred Stones of Buddhism & has long been revered in China. Baltic amber is a living history, a legendary stone in Poland & the Baltic states, where it is shaped by artisans in small batches.

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