Baltic Amber Zodiac Locket: "Scorpio"

Baltic Amber Zodiac Locket: "Scorpio"

SKU: P803109

Baltic Amber Zodiac Locket: Scorpio - Oh Scorpio--- there are so many things about you!  Known for keeping their true feelings hidden because their emotions are so deep and passionate,  their intuition and loyalty are reasons  that others want to be near them.  


The Scorpio locket is small but mighty. Meauring .5 in width and .75 in length, the locket makes the perfect presentation.  This special locket can hide something very precious. A lock of baby's hair, a flower momento...whatever the wearer might choose to keep safe or even possibly secret.


Artisan crafted in Poland by hands that know and love the amber. In sterling silver, complete with sterling silver chain.