Baltic Amber Bead Necklace: "Honey"

Baltic Amber Bead Necklace: "Honey"

SKU: N561227

Baltic Amber Necklace: "Honey" or ones similar can be found in markets all over Eastern Europe and are usually bought home as souvenirs or gifts.  I think back to my first trip to Poland all those long years ago and still have a fondness for the simplicity of simply stringing amber beads into an object of beauty.


"Honey" is 25 inches in length, has graduated amber chips, is perfect for a "throw and go" necklace that can pair with a tshirt as well as a little black dress.  


The amber in these necklaces is minimally tumbled and perfect for the amber purist as it contains zero metal.  


Hand crafted in Poland by hands that know and love the amber.