Vintage Baltic Amber Pendant: "Nadia"

Vintage Baltic Amber Pendant: "Nadia"

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Vintage Baltic Amber Pendant: "Nadia" brimming with inclusions,  with the signature of the Gdansk silversmith---swirls and leaves.  When this piece was fabricated, the artisan worked with the natural amber, defined its unusual shape with a sterling silver frame.  


Not that long ago, amber selections such as this--with heavy inclusions-- were often passed by in favor of more "clear" pieces as that was the fashion edict of the day.  Exceptional pieces. such as this one, were left by the wayside and thought to be of little worth.  And, of course, it is a matter of personal preference.  I say: Bring on the inclusions! It is so satisfying and grounding to wear/touch a living element of our long ago past.


A bit less than one inch at its widest and about two inches in length from the top of the bail.  Arrives with a soft black twisted cord for wearing.


Circa: early 1990's


Our vintage amber jewelry may show slight signs of aging, and often a soft patina.  Most of our vintage amber pieces have never been worn.


Sold "as is."