Vintage Baltic Amber Pendant: "Centaurus"

Vintage Baltic Amber Pendant: "Centaurus"

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Vintage Baltic Amber Pendant: "Centaurus" is sure to strike up a conversation.  Centaurus is one of the brightest largest constellations in the southern hemisphere.  It is also the name of the Greek mythological creature half man-half horse who prefered the wild life vs civiization.  


Our "Centaurus" vintage pendant is a fascinating display of two halves, positive and negative space, equal but different.  A full 2 inches in length and  near 1 1/2 inches wide, in sterling silver. Arrives with 2 lengths of suede allowing the wearer to customize their preferred length.


Artisan crafted in Poland by hands that know and love the amber.


Our vintage amber jewelry may show slight signs of aging, and often a soft patina.  Most of our vintage amber pieces have never been worn.


Circa: early to mid nineties


Sold "as is."