Vintage Baltic Amber Pendant: "Eva"

Vintage Baltic Amber Pendant: "Eva"

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Vintage Baltic Amber Pendant: "Eva" wrote the book on natural amber.  Sheer, transparent and translucent honey amber "petals" in an open back stering silver setting take center stage.  The cherry amber center "eye" backed in sterling adds fire no matter day or night.  


 The "open back" setting is hefty, substantial and protective of the amber.  The artisan obviously came from "the old school" ---allowing the amber to speak to her first,  then crafting a pleasing form around the natural beauties before her.  This creative method encapsulates the beauty in these rare vintage amber pieces--almost as though we are privy to a private conversation between two intimates.  


The "Eva" pendant measures 2 inches in width. and about 2.5 inches in length.   In sterling silver, features a hidden bail and was made in Poland by hands that know and love the amber.


Circa: early to mid nineties


Our vintage amber jewelry may show slight signs of aging, and often a soft patina.  Most of our vintage amber pieces have never been worn.


Sold "as is."