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About Amber Jewelry

Andzia's Amber Jewelry started in 1995. We are Pennsylvania based, but the amber we carry is Baltic in origin & comes from the Baltic region. was one of the very first real ecommerce websites to market amber over the Internet. My first online order came from a woman in China by fax, shortly after the website went up for the first time. It was nothing short of miraculous to learn I could share my love of Baltic amber with someone whose language I did not speak, thousands upon thousands of miles away, on the other side of the world. That was in 1995, no online shopping cart, just an 800 number & a fax number. I took the pictures, ran them to the developer, was terribly disappointed by the unusable ones, took them again, ran back to the 1 hour developer...again & was a process.  

How it all started

In 1995, on Thanksgiving day, I stepped off an airplane in Warsaw, Poland. I had never been out of the USA before. Earlier in the year my father had passed away &, so it seemed, had our dream to visit Poland together & walk the streets of the town his mother had come from Bialystok. Restless & grieving since his passing, I decided to take that trip & maybe, somehow, find him, find myself again. I was so excited upon arrival in Warsaw, I forgot the few Polish words I knew & greeted the passport officer with a resounding "Hola!"

I traveled the country from North to South, East to West. I didn't speak Polish fluently, & often relied on hand signals to impart what I needed. I found the Polish people have hearts as big as the ocean I had just crossed. I found myself on that journey & often "saw" my father leaning against the train station, waiting for the 3rd class train, in the bitter morning cold with other workers driving a taxicab & talking excitedly with his hands, offering a cup of steaming coffee from a well-used thermos. He had always told me we were the people--hard workers & family loving.

I saw amber in many shop windows in many places I visited. I brought some home as gifts, wrapped tenderly in handmade shawls from Zakopane. I gave the beauties away & always wore an amber brooch. Back home, I began to study the beauty, history, mythology, therapeutic uses & folklore of Baltic amber. I was hooked.

In 2001, my daughter Holly joined the firm as art director & creative executive. Holly's creative talent & love of amber is what drives this web's content. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are a small company whose business is customer service. We just happen to sell beautiful Baltic amber. In truth, we just don't sell amber...We love amber.

Andzia's Amber regularly attends Amberif, the premier international trade show held each year in Gdansk, Poland, historic seat of Baltic amber & the amber guilds of old. Genuine amber is worth investing in. The preservation of amber craft traditions & methods are also worth investing in-- simply by wearing! Amber has been worked & traded since Neolithic times. Amber is a living gemstone & we keep the tradition of fine artisan craftsmanship to exacting European standards alive by delivering divine amber designs direct to you. Preserving & expanding the truly epic & mythic scope of Baltic amber, intertwined with a very human history, is worth doing & every day we take a few more steps along the Amber Road.

In 2011, Amber Jewelry Ltd. was tapped to participate in QVC's Artisan Crafted Global Jewelry programming, a curated collection of the best handmade jewelry from around the world, representing Poland for the first time. Also in 2011, we won Count Me In's "Make Mine a Million" business pitch competition, sponsored by Count Me In for Women's Economic Freedom.

The next decade and up to the present have seen many changes in the way we do business, but you can be sure of one thing: We love amber. And always will.

- Andzia & Holly


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