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Our Philosophy

Nothing else on Earth is quite like amber. The curious beauty & the remarkable nature of Baltic amber make it a gift you can give confidently. The more you learn- the history! the mystery!- the cooler amber becomes. As a gift, amber says a lot of things that possibly the giver would like to say, but allows the amber to do that. Warm & positive messages- of good fortune, protection, beauty, history & the nature of time. Fortunately the entanglement of humans & amber is a dance from ancient times, so we know all the steps by heart.

We search for select designs in limited quantities, working with small shops. Most of these are family owned & operated, just like ours. We strive to bring to you the finest selection of certified amber jewelry directly from Poland and the Baltic area. All of our amber jewelry selections are in stock & ready to ship. Some are one of a kind, many are few of a kind and all are authentic amber

Amber is a deeply storied substance that has touched many lives & many cultures. It is a very human history, a geologic wonder, a scientific odyssey, a cultural expedition & even at times, a mystical pursuit. We'll help you experience a wonderful array of genuine, authentic Baltic amber jewelry, created by artisans from all over the Baltic region. We specialize in expressive sterling silver & amber jewelry.

We hope you will enjoy the articles posted in our former Amber Reading Room area, now called Amberology. We love the cultural side of amber as much as we love the beauty & mystery of amber itself. And that may be at least in a small way another thing that makes us a little different. After all, Andzia did start this whole thing by getting bitten by the amber bug!


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