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Amber Cross Pendant: Bejeweled

SKU: 44677

A twist of multicolored amber cabochons dazzle in a twist of sterling silver in shades of green, honey, cherry & lemon. Treasured amber colors shine bright in high polished sterling silver, tipped in rich honey amber. Reminds me very much of traveling in Poland, stopping in a small town quiet church and becoming overcome by the beauty of the objects of devotion, knowing that they were made, created & donated by the people who lived in that village. And that no matter what the people had or how little they had, their gifts came straight from the heart. While that is one memory I have, yours can be quite another. You might be a collector of cross pendants, simply gravitate towards the shape or style, or be a devotee. Our Bejeweled Amber Cross has fourteen stones in 4 colors and a substantial size-- measuring about two & a half inches in length from the top of the bail & about an inch and three quarters in width. Open construction in the back allows light to reflect & makes the overall look even more striking. Made in Poland, in sterling silver.