Amber Earrings : Artisan Crafted Ombre

Amber Earrings : Artisan Crafted Ombre

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Artisan Crafted Ombre Amber Earrings What better way to show off stylish ombre colors then by a graduated look raining down in all the colors of amber? Fourteen perfect calibrated amber beads in all your favorite colors of amber-- dark glossy cherry amber, medium & light cognac shades followed by lemon, then champagne colors.

Starting with the cherry on top, blending into dark and light shades of honey, lemon and champagne. A total of 28 beads adorns each pair. Sterling wire is artfully twists into segmented rows that follow your every move. Light as can be, you’ll find yourself forgetting that you even have them on, even when the compliments of others won’t let you!

The last shimmering amber bead left to dangle & wag is slightly larger than the others. Clever construction yokes each sterling silver segment to the next & offers a bit of movement while keeping the amber beads gently oriented in the same direction.

A full two and a quarter inches in length, these fun earrings are flirty and fashion forward. Sterling silver and gem quality Baltic amber. Hand made in Poland.


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