Amber Heart Series No. 3: Spirit

Amber Heart Series No. 3: Spirit

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Amber Heart Series No. 3: Spirit Welcome to the next generation of warm, glowing Baltic amber heart pendants. Amber artistry fuses the ancient and modern worlds, creating a musical composition that speaks to the heart, delights the eye & fascinates the soul. An exceptional & inspirational designer piece, Spirit speaks of the duality of life & the importance of balance.

Spirit is composed of two movable, interchangeable pieces-- A large, lightly texturized matte sterling silver heart with organically shaped crescent moons adds shadow & depth to the natural polished honey amber heart. With its clip on enhancer, the order of the hearts can be changed at whim-- remove & rearrange the elements as you like. Wear them each alone, use the silver as a backdrop for the heart & cover it with moons lit from within-- or add the silver over the heart. Feminine, intriguing, full of form & light. Handmade and designed in Poland, Spirit is European crafted, cutting edge design & will remain in style till the end of time.

Spirit arrives complete & ready to wear with a complimentary length of twisted black satin.

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