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Cherry Amber Celtic Set

Baltic Amber Set: Black Cherry Amber Celtic Style

SKU: 990061

Baltic Amber Set:  Elevate your style with our Black Cherry Amber Celtic Set. The deep, rich black cherry amber stones are beautifully accentuated by the intricate Celtic design, creating a striking and elegant look.


Each piece of this set is expertly handmade, making for a unique and high-quality addition to your jewelry collection.  Simply perfect for adding a touch of ancient beauty with a modern flair to any outfit.  


The triqueta is an ancient Celtic symbol representing the interconnectedness of the earth, air, and water, as well as the past, present, and future. 


The rich, deep hue of the Black Cherry Amber adds a touch of elegance to this ancient symbol, making it a unique and meaningful addition to any jewel box.


Necklace is approx 18 inches in length with a 2 inch extender. Earrings are stud style, just shy of 2 inches in length overall.  In sterling silver.


Artisan crafted in Poland. Arrives gift boxed as does all of Andzia's Amber Jewelry.