Cherry Amber Artisan Pendant

Cherry Amber Artisan Pendant

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What luck! Marsala, is a rich & red cherry amber color. You'll find yourself touching this amber amulet frequently and wondering, as we have through the ages, if amber can really bring you luck as well as style. Four rich oval cherry cabochons paired with four golden lemon amber accents centered around a faceted angled square to create a striking starburst of signature style. Beautifully handcrafted with organic, flowing lines of sterling silver.

A highly prized gem throughout history, priestesses in ancient Greece wore beads of amber to connect with the exalted energy stored inside. Amber helped drive Emperor Nero to open the trade routes with the Germanic tribes, known as The Amber Road. Roman women of the court dyed their hair "amber," describing the warm color as saffron, believing the burning stone to be a vessel of eternal youth. Gladiators carried amber amulets for protection in battle.

Generously sized-- nearly two two inches all around, in graceful curvy .925 sterling silver. Complete with a necklace of black satin twisted cord. Designed & made in Poland, in sterling silver.

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