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Baltic Amber Locket: "Aquarius"

Baltic Amber Locket: "Aquarius"

SKU: P 445537

Baltic Amber Locket: "Aquarius" (January20 to February 18)  knows how to go with the flow and dosen't mind showing you how to do the same. Whether dispensing water or wine, Aquarius always offers a steady hand.


Expertly reverse etched in amber, the horoscope character is perfectly displayed. Open the locket and store your tiny treasure-bit of cloth, baby tooth, memento from a loved one near or far, possibly a secret for your eyes only. A locket can mean so many things to the wearer. 


One inch length, three quarter inch width. Artisan crafted in Poland, in sterling silver. Complete with an 18 inch silver chain. Arrives giftboxed, as does all of Andzia's Amber Jewelry.